How To Transform Writing Into Visual Art

 You can see words and writings everywhere you look. And each one serves a different purpose. Most were written to inspire, persuade, or educate, while others were meant to warn. Writing has become a fundamental part of this world. And even with the advent of technology, typography will never be replaced. 

How To Transform Writing Into Visual Art

Meanwhile, artists today use calligraphy to create art and sell it to be reproduced and printed on good quality paper and framed as wall art. Examples would be quotes, prayers, poems, and hymns. To maximize the art of calligraphy, it’s best to use tools like Goldspot Pens that make smooth and fine lines.

What Is Typography? 

Typography is the style or appearance of text. It’s the art of creating a visually appealing medium to communicate and draw attention. 

Here are its elements:

  • Font Style: The most common styles are serif, sans serif, and display fonts. Serif is a classic font that has little strokes attached to the letter. This is commonly used in traditional publications because it’s easy to read. 

Sans serif is serif without the tiny strokes in the letter. Because of its clean and modern look, sans serif is widely used in digital publications. Display fonts, on the other hand, come in many different styles. 

They’re fun to use and convey various meanings, so using them should be limited to small amounts of text. Examples of display fonts are script, blackletter, and fancy.  

  • Kerning: It’s the amount of space between letters or characters.

  • Leading: Pronounced as ‘ledding,’ this is the spaces between lines. 

  • Hierarchy: The approach guides the reader’s eyes to whatever is most important. This is done by adding emphasis on letters to make them stand out. 

One essential thing to remember when thinking of handwriting is how it has become crucial in shaping and charting the destiny of the literary world. Despite modernization, it’s crucial to remember the reason it exists. Consequently, you’ll learn to value it more by understanding its importance.  

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword. It has helped explorers chart their paths in the ancient world. Without it, scientists and inventors wouldn’t be able to record their discoveries, and the world wouldn’t enjoy the benefits it’s reaping now. 

Meanwhile, one of the best calligraphers in the world today is master penman Jake Weidmann. He’s one of the 12 master penmen worldwide and the youngest. He turns his writing into visual arts and does so majestically. 

If you want to transform your writing into visual art, here are some ways you can do so:

  1. Calligraphy Art 

Calligraphy is the technique of making beautiful handwriting. In the eastern part of the world, like in Asia and the Middle East, calligraphy is considered a significant art form similar to sculpture and painting

When printing surfaced in the 15th century, many thought calligraphy and handwriting would end. However, many types of work still flourished and used calligraphy, including musical scores, scientific notations, and others.  

  1. Graffiti 

Graffiti is the art of marking a public space to visually convey a message or express a desire to be heard. Typically illegal in most places, graffiti today can be considered a proper art form and is even used to beautify a wall and teach kids to express their creativity. 

How To Transform Writing Into Visual Art

Today, portions of school walls are dedicated to graffiti artwork where kids can use it as an outlet to express their art and, at the same time, convey an important message.  

  1. Murals 

Murals are typically found in public spaces. They’re artworks painted on the surface of a wall or ceiling. In ancient times, murals could be seen on cave walls and played a vital part in a culture’s heritage and history. 

Today, murals with writings have been an effective advertising tool. The eye-catching display of words and graphics has helped many brands get recognized and become a trending topic on social media. One example of this is the mural campaign of a famous cosmetic brand; its message against animal testing resonated with many people. 

  1. Print Them On Shirts

Statement shirts are still popular today and have become the go-to fashion statement for young people. People wear statement shirts to express their personality and stand on particular social matters. Aside from words, some artists are fond of printing witty quotes and memes on shirts. You, too, can create writings like these and have them printed on shirts or write specific ones by request. 


Today’s visual art isn’t only limited to paintings, drawings, and sculptures. You can create beautifully written art by combining calligraphy with other art forms, mediums, or styles. In that case, you can offer them in various ways, and it can become a lucrative career you can be famous for.