How to Choose a Reliable Locksmith in Vancouver

Locked out of house

You will never know the importance of having a reliable locksmith until it’s an emergency. Maybe you can’t find your keys, so you are locked out of your car, office, or home. In such situations, having the contact of a locksmith is valuable.

Getting trusted locksmiths is not really easy. You must follow smart procedures to ensure you select one that is affordable and reliable. So when selecting a locksmith in Vancouver, you need to consider some factors.

Factors to Consider when Looking for Locksmiths in Vancouver

Consider the following factors:

Ask Your Family and Friends

You may do a lot of research online and still come up with nothing tangible. But in most cases, getting recommendations from people whom you know is very effective. If the locksmith did a job for someone you already know, then you don’t need to test if the technician is trustworthy. You just need to inspect the work they did to see if you are satisfied with it.

Check Their Professional Reputation

There is a reason why the BBB exists, so you need to use it. most locksmiths in Vancouver are listed on the BBB website. You just need to check their ratings, reviews, and any complaints. This will help you to narrow down your search.

Read Online Reviews

Although this is a helpful medium, some companies pay people to pose as reviewers in order to outsmart their competitors. However, some review sites try to verify the information they get from reviewers to ensure it is genuine. 

Also, review sites enable you to find out a positive or negative trend about some companies in Vancouver, so you can know which ones to skip. You can read this article to find out how to spot fake reviews.

Ensure the Company is Licensed

Unlicensed companies offer their services at very ridiculous prices, so you may be tempted to choose them. They may also be more responsive than licensed companies because they desperately need clients. It is in your best interest to avoid them because you may end up paying more than you bargained.

Unlicensed companies do not offer any protection if there is an occupational hazard. You cannot also track them down with any law enforcement agency. There is also no institution that can caution or punish them if they don’t provide standard services. However, if you choose a licensed company, you can enjoy these privileges. 

Furthermore, unlicensed companies cannot repair any damage they cause to your property in the process of rendering their services. They will run away, and you have nothing on them. Therefore, it is better to find out if the company you choose is licensed and has the necessary insurance.

Find Out Their Speciality


It is convenient to have one company that will handle your locks in Vancouver. But this may be difficult if you want them to handle a complex lock system that has several layers, like the case of an office building. Here, you need to shop around for a company that handles a variety of tasks.

If the locksmith you choose cannot handle a certain task, you can simply ask them for a referral. A reliable locksmith will gladly connect you to another trustworthy workman. You can check out to learn more about locksmithing.

Check for Transparency in Pricing

This is a major issue with Vancouver locksmiths. They may give you a misleading estimate. Sometimes, you may find a certain price on their website, or they may give you a quote that is lower compared to what they will charge you after completing the job.

Therefore, before you finalize, you need to verify the exact amount it will cost to do the job. Also, ensure they give you a written contract. This will legalize the price as well as eliminate the chances of changing it later.


When it comes to your locks, you need to play safe because they assure your security. Therefore, finding a reliable company in Vancouver is important as there are many fraudsters in the industry. Some of them even use the name of well-known companies to attract clients. As a result, you must find time to visit the company’s address to be sure they truly exist.