March 4, 2021

How to Choose the Right Polywood Porch Swing

A Polywood porch swing adds to the curb appeal and enhances the landscape as well as the décor. Especially if there are kids around the house, having a swing in the backyard or the front patio just adds to the excitement. If we try to recall some childhood memories, a swing is sure to swing by, taking us down memory lane. Swings were an essential part of our childhood, and life without a swing either in the park or right on the front porch was unthinkable.

How to Choose the Right Polywood Porch Swing

Here’s how you can shop for the perfect porch swing:

Look for a Good Manufacturer

When you want to select a swing for your porch, you need to search thoroughly to find the perfect swing. First, you should research all manufacturers in your neighborhood and find out how long they have been in this business. A manufacturer with a good reputation and several years standing will have only quality products.

Go by the Brand

It pays to check out the leading brands because a brand makes all the difference. Brands have stood the test of time and have evolved triumphantly after a lot of struggle. When you want a perfect polywood porch swing, you need to look for the right brand.


Select the right Material

You need to keep in mind that your porch swing will be installed outdoors and is subject to wear and tear by the elements. When you choose a wooden swing, it may look grand in the beginning, after a season of rain and shine consecutively; the wood loses its sheen and gets that dull, used look. You can’t keep replacing your porch swing now and then because it is too expensive to do so and not a great idea. Unless you choose a porch swing made of strong, durable material, it will not last long.

Why PolyWood Swing?

Polywood swings are crafted from dense plastic, usually recycled, hence eco-friendly. As poly wood is treated with quality UV inhibitors, poly wood will not crack or chip. You won’t find your poly wood swing peeling because of exposure to the sun because it is made to withstand high temperatures. Moreover, poly wood is highly resistant to corrosive elements like salt spray or oil and retains its texture despite exposure to such elements for a long time.

Flexible Material

Although poly wood is an ultra-strong material, it can be used to create shapes that make ideal swing seats. You can expect the perfect seat slats, shaped perfectly for the comfort of your upper and lower back. The stainless steel chains that hold the swing in position are strong enough to bear good loads (up to 1,200 pounds), depending on the size you choose and are anchored perfectly to ensure a smooth swing with no jerks or wobbles.

A Range of Colors

The advantage of a polywood porch swing is that it comes in several colors, including natural shades of mahogany, slate gray, white, sand, and more. The colors are fade-proof, and your porch swing stays as good as new even after several years’ exposure to the elements. What’s more is the porch swing comes with the standard warranty, making it a safe bet.

Summing it Up

While swings were traditionally made with wood and iron chains, they are not durable when installed outdoors. The best material for a porch swing is polywood, which is pretreated to enhance its durability and life.

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  1. A lot to consider. I wish I lived in a house so I could have a porch swing.


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