March 22, 2021

Can Hair Extensions Help With Thinning Hair

Hair is a woman’s greatest beauty accessory that most women usually take very seriously. It plays a crucial role in exhibiting a lady’s personal appearance. Some ladies even claim that hair makes them feel feminine which is quite true in various aspects. Some women use their hair to simply show off their personal style while others just find hair as their ultimate signature to beauty! Well, as you have read here, hair is one very crucial aspect of a woman’s beauty. Thinning hair is a matter of intense worry for those who suffer from the same. Fortunately, hair extensions can perfectly be used to make thinning hair look fuller and elegant again! My friend recommend a great online hair supplier to me:, you guys can browse it if you need hair extensions.

Can Hair Extensions Help With Thinning Hair

In the last few years, hair extensions have really come a long way and while weaves are still being used by many women, there exist other options that you can choose that can easily suit your taste and desire. The hair type that is used in extensions can be natural or synthetic. Generally natural hair extensions are usually desirable by most women but are comparatively expensive. Synthetic hair extensions are a more affordable option for women who want to look elegant but don’t want to stretch their budget.

Can hair extensions really help to deal with hair thinning?

There are several factors that can cause your hair to thin and some of them may include; hair pulling (Trichotillomania), chemotherapy, radiography, alopecia and poor dieting etc. There is a popular belief that people with thin hair should not use hair extensions but this is a complete myth. Hair extensions and bundles with closure that are perfectly installed can really make the difference. Professional hair dressers know how to perfectly place hair extensions to perfectly suit thin hair. And you need not to get worried about anything if you are kind of a thin hair person because if these hair extensions or hair wigs are neatly placed on you, then you will surely ripe its benefits.

Hair extensions will help you to add more volume and length to your thinning hair. However, the proper placement and care of the hair is the key to the success of extensions. You should always treat both the extensions and your natural hair as per your hairstylist’s advice. Always ensure that you moisturize the extensions and clean them, as per the manufacturer manual if you wish to get the best results with them.

The various types of hair extensions and how they work on thin hair

Bonded hair extensions

The classic bonded extensions and human hair headband wigs are loved by many ladies out there because they are of good quality and still fairly priced. A professional hairstylist uses a heat-activated glue to attach the extensions on the natural hair. It is however important to note that bonded hair extensions cannot be added with tools such as flat irons, curling irons or blow dryers. The heat generated by the aforementioned hair tools can cause glue to melt thus causing tangling or loss of the extensions entirely.

Can Hair Extensions Help With Thinning Hair

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are simple and so easy to apply on your hair and can be removed any time when the need arises. In fact when you need to remove them, you may not even need the services of a hairstylist to help you. If you need to wash your hair, you can simply just remove them, clean your hair and put them back on. They however may not be the best type of extension for you if your hair is thin. They usually need to be clipped onto the hair; this is known to have kind of pulling effect which may cause some damage to people with not so strong hair like people with thin hair.

Fusion hair extensions

These are sometimes called keratin or protein bonds as they use melted keratin to attach to the extensions to the natural hair. These usually have got the tips made of keratin, a naturally occurring protein in the human hair, skin, and nails. In the process, keratin is usually melted using a hot iron or sonic waves thus attaching the extension to the natural hair. This option too may not be so ideal for you if your hair is thin. They are a perfect option for those ladies with thick and stronger hair that can withstand the heat that is used in the process of installation.

Sewn-in weft hair extensions

The sewn-in weft extensions or weaves as they are sometimes called have existed for quite a long time in fact longer than even the other types of extensions. These can be affordable or costly depending on the brand that you are purchasing. The downside however is that they can sometime feel painful. Some ladies who have them on sometimes complain of their unnatural look. You could use them on your thinning hair however they are not a perfect option for you if your hair is thinning already. Always consult a hair-styling professional before settling for a hair extension type to apply on your thinning hair.

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