February 18, 2021

“Chess in art” – A Paradise for Art Lovers!


Hi everyone! Today I am here to share a very interesting book “Chess in Art” History of chess in paintings (1100-1900) by Peter Herel Raabenstein.

“Chess in art” – A Paradise for Art Lovers!

Actually, I recently got this book for the reviewing purpose and I really love it. Being an art lover it really fascinates me to see such a unique collection of chess paintings which comprises of the works of more than 700 artists all across the world. All these paintings are made in the time span of 1000 years and are based on the same theme "Chess".

Anyone who is an art and painting lover would love to see this book. The best thing about these paintings is that all the credits are given and the date of paintings is also specified. At the end of the book you can find some details about more than 700 artists whose paintings are displayed in this art book in an orderly fashion.

“Chess in art” – A Paradise for Art Lovers!

“Chess in art” – A Paradise for Art Lovers!

“Chess in art” – A Paradise for Art Lovers!

I can see the amount of time and hard work done by Peter Herel Raabenstein as its a very unique and very interesting idea that showcases the “chess in art” from a time span of 1000 years i.e. from 1100 AD TO 1900 AD.

However I can see some of the paintings are repeated in the book and the given credits are different as well. I found one such painting on page 26 where the painting is given with the credit to artist “Chatrang to Khosrow 1300-1379 and the same painting is given after two pages i.e. page number 30 with credits to artist “Tractatus de Ludo Scaccorum, 1375-1400. I believe there might be some mistake in printing or proofreading.

Final words:

I really love “Chess in Art” and I am sure every person who loves art would love this unique piece of work by Peter Herel Raabenstein. Apart from some minor mistakes such as crediting a same painting to different artists I don’t see any other problems with this book. 

Trust me! You can spend hours looking at this beautiful collection of chess paintings by various artists. It’s a paradise of art lovers.

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