January 19, 2021

Tips to Make A Vintage Temporary Tattoo Last for More Time

Vintage tattoos are trending. These are those that have bright colors, classic styling's, some essence of history, as well as simple caricatures. You can get different styled ones with wonderful designs. A benefit of selecting a temporary tattoo is that it remains for a limited time. It can be two to five days. You may want the tattoo to remain for more time.


Tips to Make A Vintage Temporary Tattoo Last for More Time

If you want this tattoo to remain for longer, consider the following points.


Prepare the skin

Start by preparing your skin. You will have to cleanse the area that you want the tattoo to be put on. It is important to know that lotions, makeup, as well as natural oils of the skin can reduce the life of a tattoo.

These can develop a barrier amongst the ink along with the skin. Therefore, the tattoo will not stick and be absorbed. It will get removed at the time that the lotion does. Oils are able to break down inks within decal tattoos.

Dry the skin carefully before applying the temporary tattoo.

Exfoliate the place before you put the tattoo. Often the top layer of skin is dead skin cells which we should shred. When the tattoo gets put on this, it can easily flake off when the dead cells get shredded. Therefore, exfoliate your skin properly.

Choose the correct area to apply it

Select an area of skin that will not be moving always and flexing. It should not always come into contact with oils along with other substances.

Skin present on hands along with feet tends to be always stretching and also moving. This can lead to tattoo cracking and fading fast. Hands even touch many substances in the day. It can be oily food, art supplies, soap, etc. The constant contact can lead to the tattoo fading early.

This does not include henna tattoos. These work perfectly on the hands as well as feet. The reason is that skin is thicker here.

Choose areas of skin that will not get sweaty fast. It is better to also avoid those who rub against clothes.

Shave the area

The place that you want to apply the tattoo, it should be shaved before doing this. Hair may interrupt the ink. Therefore, if much hair is present in the area, shave it.

Increase a decal and airbrush tattoo

If you want to make the life of a decal and airbrush tattoo more you can consider the following. Wash the place around the tattoo and not the tattoo. Soap may impact the tattoo. Friction will also tear ink from the skin when you scrub it clean.

You can cover the tattoo with some petroleum jelly. It can behave like a sealant. Baby powder, corn starch, etc., can be applied to the tattoo. These can soak natural oils on the skin which can begin breaking the ink in the tattoo.

Discover the best vintage temporary tattoos and enjoy these for more time on the skin. You will have to care for them if you want to do this.

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