An Extensive Guide to the Various Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Available


An Extensive Guide to the Various Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Available

Did you just move to a new place, or are you trying to renovate your home? If you are looking for a new way to make a modular kitchen, then it is a good idea to begin by selecting your kitchen backsplash tile options. Looking at the greasy speckled wall behind your stove could send you into a blind rage. Backsplash tiles are mostly used in the kitchen to cover the wall making it easy for cleaning. With the plethora of kitchen backsplash tile options available to choose from today, it can be quite hard to ascertain which kind of kitchen backsplash tile style should one go for - is it a stainless steel kitchen backsplash tile or ceramic tile kitchen backsplash?  


Today we will go through a few of the varieties of kitchen backsplash tile available in the market and understand the pros of using each of these tiles.


a). Stainless Steel

A simple looking flat stainless steel kitchen backsplash sheet can easily be fixed as a part of your modular kitchen as a backsplash tile. If you have kitchen appliances that have a predominantly steel finish, then getting these tile options is best for your kitchen. Using this kind of a backsplash tile will tie the look down and give it a holistic and even appearance. If your refrigerator, oven, and modular stove all have steel finish, then going with this option is best for your kitchen. They are an affordable kind of kitchen backsplash tile that’s long-lasting and equally easy to maintain.


b). Glass

Glass backsplash tile is not a common practice. However, the trend is quietly picking up, and now more and more people are willing to invest in glass backsplash tiles with a tempered glass that has a thickness of at least 3 inches. Not only is tempered glass durable but can within a lot of pressure and is persistent to scratch. These glass options can come in a glossy or matte finish, depending on the kind of finish one prefers. They can be easily cleaned and easily installed in any modular kitchen as well. They are also available in large panels and look seamless, unlike most other kinds of tiles. The prices of this form of kitchen backsplash tiles have come down dramatically in recent years. Another positive to going with this option for your kitchen is that they can be easily customized to one’s needs personally by painting or printing it.


c). Porcelain & Ceramic

Over the last few centuries, the use of porcelain and ceramic tile kitchen backsplash has become intensely popular among homeowners for their modular kitchen renovations. It is insanely popular to mimic stone and wood textures on these ceramic and porcelain tile options. They, too, are easy to clean in comparison to other materials and come in a plethora of color, patterns, shapes, and sizes - the most versatile among the rest.


d). Marble

Nothing speaks oodles of the tone luxury than the use of marble in your kitchen. While marble looks astonishingly gorgeous and classy in any kitchen, they are extremely high maintenance. Marble is extremely porous and thus requires regular maintenance to retain its shine and quality. No two marbles look the same, and therefore no two kitchen slabs or backsplash walls will look the same. The streaks in the marble can easily help hide the stains that marble incurs.


Consider these options, and you will not be disappointed at all.