Warning Fire Hazard: Red Flags that Indicate You Need an Electrician

Author -  Ester Adams

The most densely populated city in Australia is Sydney, the capital of New South Wales Territory. It is noted for its amazing employment opportunities, excellent school districts, good public transport, quality healthcare, eclectic restaurants, and robust shopping.

Warning Fire Hazard: Red Flags that Indicate You Need an Electrician

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It is also the favourite tourist destination to the Land Down Under because this is where you can find the iconic structures called the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. If you happen to call this cosmopolitan hub home, you are definitely in a great location.

However, as a homeowner or even a tenant, one of the things you can’t be complacent about is your electricity. You have to get this checked from time-to-time because of how dangerous it can be. Faulty electricity and short circuits have the potential to cause great damage.

It would be a living nightmare to lose your precious belongings and have your life put to danger due to a fire. To help you, below are the signs that you need electrical services in Sydney. Knowing what to look out for can keep your family safe as these can prevent home fires and electrical shocks. 

Keep an Eye Out for Flickering Light

 When you have just replaced your light bulbs, but the lights continue to flicker, this is a huge red flag. This could mean you have frayed wiring that causes a short, which leads to the flickering.

This scenario is very dangerous as it can start a fire. The moment you notice any unnecessary and incessant flickering, call your electrician to get your wires checked and replaced. This habit is part of good home maintenance habits. 

Watch Out if the Circuit Breaker Trips

In every home, there is a circuit breaker. It is a vital component as it helps deter electrical fires and prevents damage to your home appliances. When your breaker trips, it is usually to mitigate an impending overload, which means the electric current running is too high.

The culprit can be a specific appliance that you’ve just plugged in or a fault in the actual circuit itself. If your house’s circuit breaker continues to trip, find out the source. If the culprit is an appliance plugged to a specific outlet, there could be an issue with that circuit. In this scenario, it is best to call electrical services in Sydney to prevent any escalation.

 Take Note if Outlets and Switches Overheat

These two are definitely a cause for major concern. If any of your home’s switches or outlets becomes too hot, or it becomes increasingly warm when you turn on your appliances, then there is something wrong. It could be one specific outlet, which signifies a problem in that particular line.

 You must also watch out for any sparks or shocks when you are using an appliance. This can lead to an electric shock that can be fatal for human beings. When it comes to this scenario, you can’t take your chances. Call your electrician right away to have it inspected.

Final Word

 Knowing these red flags can help you prevent catastrophic fires and electrical shocks in your home. As soon as you encounter one, it is best to contact a reputable electrical services provider in Sydney. And one simple rule you must abide by to prevent fires is never to overload your outlets with too many appliances.


If you find yourself using a lot of extension wires, this means you need to get new ones installed. It is dangerous to overload an outlet with too many appliances plugged to an extension cord as this will result in overheating. Remember to be vigilant to protect your loved ones and precious belongings.