July 31, 2020

10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

In the UK, the custom of sending Christmas cards began in 1843, when a civil servant named Sir Henry Cole came up with an ingenious idea to get more people to use the new Public Record Office (which is now known as the Post Office) where he worked as an assistant. Henry asked his artist friend, John Horsley, to design a card with a cheery festive scene that he could sell for 1 shilling (5p in today’s money).
By 1860, Christmas cards had become more affordable and popular. People were able to send Season’s Greetings to family and friends who lived a distance away.
It wasn’t until the early 1900s that a postal worker in Denmark suggested that Christmas cards could be used to help to raise money for local charities. In the year that they were first launched, over four million charity Christmas cards were sold! Norway and Sweden quickly adopted the new custom, and it then spread all over Europe, before reaching the USA.

1. Make A Difference
People who are loving and giving often want to help others in some way, especially around Christmas time. Even thought it’s not always possible to volunteer your time to help someone or a good cause, due to life commitments, there is an easy way in which you can make a difference.
Instead of buying and sending your usual type of Christmas cards this year, you can swap them for cards that support registered charities that are local, national or international.
10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

2. Direct Donations
Although it would be fantastic if all of the proceeds from the sale of charity Christmas cards went directly to the charity you are supporting, this unfortunately isn’t the case. If you want to increase the amount of financial benefit that your chosen charity receives, it pays to buy your Christmas cards direct from them.
Christmas cards bought from the charities generate over 60%-70% of donation funds.

10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

3. Help Those In Need
The UK launched Sreepur Village charity is a non-profit charity organisation that supports women and children in Bangladesh. The charity cares for up to 100 destitute women and 500 abandoned children, and raises funds by selling beautiful handmade Christmas cards on their website. The Christmas cards are made from high quality paper made from locally grown jute, and are decorated with vibrant dyes by women from the local community.
The Sreepur Village charity Christmas card is the only card that claims a 100% donation. All proceeds from the sale of the cards are returned to the Sreepur village.

10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

4. Every Little Helps
All charity Christmas card retailers donate a percentage of the sale proceeds to the charity that they are supporting. Granted that some retailers donate far more than others, every single purchase does help. When considering which charity Christmas cards to buy to send to your family and friends, it’s worth checking out the percentage proportion that the charity you support will receive.

10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

5. Spread Yuletide Cheer
Christmas isn’t just about spending money on gift buying, and acquiring lots of new things. The true spirit of Christmas is charitable. You can make a real difference to someone who is elderly, lonely or vulnerable by sending them a charity Christmas card with a thoughtful heartfelt message written inside. Let your neighbour know that you’re thinking of them during the season that can be difficult for many people.

10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

6. Encourage Others To Be Charitable
When you send your family, friends, work colleagues and acquaintances a charity Christmas card you are setting a good example. If you have a particular charity that is close to your heart, those who love and support you may feel inspired to follow your lead.  
10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

7. Grow Your Business & Help The Local Community
If you’re a small business owner, sending charity Christmas cards to your loyal clients and suppliers is a lovely way to show that you appreciate and value the professional relationship that you have with them. It also let’s them know that helping others is something that is important to you.
A larger business or corporation can send personalised charity Christmas cards to staff, customers and clients – while making a donation to a conservation, animal, medical/research, children’s, social welfare, overseas aid or hospice charity.
10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

8. Share Your Passion
If you’re an animal lover or conservationist it’s easy to share your passion with others, without bombarding them with endless details of your interests. Simply send them a Christmas card every year that supports a registered charity that is close to your heart.
10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

9. Feel Warm And Fuzzy Inside
It’s a well-known fact that helping others – directly or indirectly – boosts your feelings of wellbeing.
If you don’t yet have a favorite charity that you support, do some online research to find a good cause that you feel connected to. Many people choose to become loyal to a particular charity due to charitable help they or a loved one has previously received.
10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

10. Give To Charity Without Sending A Christmas Card In The Post
If you’re just not into all the festive fuss, and prefer not to send Christmas cards in the post, you can still send your family friends seasonal best wishes – and donate to a charity – by sending a Christmas e-card instead.
You can create an online account, select a charity, compose your e-card message and donate as much as you like. Press the Send button to complete the alternative charity Christmas card sending process. No stamps or trip to the post box required.

10 Reasons To Send Charity Christmas Cards

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