April 11, 2020

Stay Safe and Stay Home During These Difficult Times

In these difficult times when the whole world is in the tight grip of Corona Virus, everyone is extremely worried about his or her safety. The Corono Virus has done tremendous damage worldwide and we all are facing lots of difficulty. With the infections and death tolls rising to lakhs, this is one of the worst times which humanity is facing today. We all need to make sure that it doesn’t spread further.

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Almost every country is in lockout phase and everyone is practicing social distancing so that the spread of this Novel Corono Virus is stopped further.

Amid all these, many places all around the world have made protective face mask mandatory. Now wearing a face mask is most important than ever. Face mask protects us from getting infected from Corono Virus or COVID19 so it’s always a good practice to wear a face mask.

Also not only face masks but gloves are extremely important. As we all know that the COVID19 spreads from surfaces so whenever we touch something and then touch our eyes, mouth etc. then it’s a huge probability that we may get infected.  So buying and wearing cheap disposable gloves is one of the most important things which is the need of the hour. As we need to change our gloves frequently so the best idea is to buy good quality cheap disposable gloves so that the complete safety is ensured.

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Also other things like personal safety kits and other safety supplies should be handy and easily available to all as precaution is always better than cure. So do keep the safety supplies handy and at your place. Many companies are now manufacturing a good amount of safety kits so that there is no shortage of the same. You can buy the safety supplies from a nearby market but its best to buy and order them online. This way, you don’t have to go to the market and stay at home and your supplies will be delivered at your doorstep.

Sanitize your hands as many times as you can and also sanitize the supplies which you buy for everyday use. The COVID19 can catch you from anywhere so stay extra cautious and SATY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY.

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