What You Should Know When Buying Glasses Online

Buying items online has reduced lots of pressure off from so many people’s shoulders. With the mobile technology available, now it is easier than before to purchase groceries, clothes, electronics and many more all within the convenience of the home. Buying glasses on the other hand, can be a little tricky because there are lenses as well as frames to consider. Without knowing exactly what one wants, it may not be so easy to order for glasses online.

What You Should Know When Buying Glasses Online

Over the years, the vision industry has had major challenges where prescription glasses are concerned. In fact, a recent study by the (AOA) or American Optometric Association indicates that almost half of the cheap eye glasses ordered for online presented certain challenges ranging from wrong prescriptions to safety issues. Of course this should not stop anyone from making purchases online. After all, it saves on time and money. All you need to do is make very smart decisions especially on where to buy prescription glasses online. Some tips are given below to help you make informed decisions.

What to look for;

1-      Durability- Cheap is said to be expensive in the long run. Always avoid going the cheap way even though prices may look very appealing. Instead only choose quality glasses with brands that bespeak quality and durability. Do not be enticed by the glamour that most items seem to radiate. Some popular eyeglass frames are coated by good looking paint to help sway you and in the end you wish you knew better. Insist on quality and that only.

A good retailer should offer polycarbonate lenses of high quality. They should also be free from scratch and glare but have UV protection. In case the glasses are meant for children, they need to have lenses with high impact resistance. Same applies if you are a sports person.

2-      Vision benefit- When you are shopping for glasses online, your vision should be your first priority. Use a retailer who accepts vision insurance if this is possible. Since most of them do not, you may still consider one who is willing to accept request that pertains your vision’s requirements.

3-      An Exceptional Fit- Many online glasses buyers have had issues with the right fit. Frames that are not well fitting can be very uncomfortable and are supposed to be avoided at all costs. At the same time, poorly fitting frames may lead to more eye problems since the lens will not be correctly placed. Some headaches stemming from use of reading glasses may actually result from poorly fitting frames.

4-      Fitting the right lenses- Many online glass retailers shy away from fitting complex lens descriptions into their glasses. The main explanation is that fitting a multi focal lens is an intricate procedure that needs lots of time and a little expenditure. High index lenses offer maximum strength and durability. They are a good fit for prescriptions below -4 and slightly above +3.50.

5-      Trying Before Buying- Glass buyers, just like dress buyers, wish to know how they look like in the item they wish to purchase before spending money on it. Some online glasses retailers offer try-on technology that gives you the opportunity to see what you look like using the 3D technology. With the app, you are able to see what you look like from all directions. Other retailers ship to your doorstep at little or no cost so that you try them on.

6-      Return Policy- Every online shopper worries about the return policies of a retailer. In case what you buy is not what you expected, what happens next? It pays to read the online return policies before making purchases. Since you are going to spend money to buy, you deserve to get your money’s worth. If the glasses do not fit because of over sized frames or incorrect lenses, you should be offered the opportunity to get another one.

7-      Variety- When shopping, you need to sample plenty of glass frames to ultimately make a perfect choice. When you want to buy prescription glasses online, use a retailer who offers variety in both value and price. Talking of prices, use shops with good discounts. For value, if you love designer glasses, use a retailer who stocks plenty of elegant glass frames that make you stand out.

8-      Shipping- Know what your retailer plans in terms of shipping. Buyers sometimes feel cheated when they purchase items online expecting the amount to foot shipping bills only to be told otherwise. Ask about shipping expenses before entering into any agreement with a retailer.

While there are lots of considerations before doing online shopping, do not forget that buying online has a lot of advantages. Apart from you being able to sample numerous websites, you are also in a position to get a wide variety of glasses options.

Whenever you are shopping for online glasses, do remember that quality should be your number one priority.


  1. Return policy should be read carefully. This is what I am telling my friends who purchase eyeglasses for sale online.