Most Interesting Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novels

The Pulitzer award is one of the highly coveted recognition any writer or creator would desire. It honors individuals with remarkable talent and contribution in art, fiction and journalism. Brilliant authors like Harper Lee, Alice Walker and Michael Cunningham are a few of the individuals to receive the Pulitzer award.

Other outstanding writers have come up with great novels. If you love reading, it is time for you to invest in a few interesting books. As you peruse this list of budding writers, you will appreciate their talent and ingenuity.

Most Interesting Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novels

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Some novels here might end up being your favorite or a great addition to your book collection. Here are the most interesting Pulitzer classics.

1.  A Visit From The Goon Squad

Written by Jennifer Egan, this book has different interpretations. You have the freedom to get multiple ideas and find ways to make each count. There is no boring angle to any of the 13 stories included in the book.
Everyone is unique, with interesting characters exhibiting self-destructive attitudes and nature. You get to experience the life of 16 characters in a period of a cultural phenomenon and the onset of technology.
It is a beautifully written story that transports you into a dimension of humor and social dynamics. Jennifer Egan manages to keep the book engaging with her colorful writing and the dissection of interrelated stories into one compact narration.

2. Devil In The Grove

Gilbert King did a remarkable job to scoop the lead in the non-fiction category. The book covers the sensitive issue of racial injustice in the U.S. You have a case of black men facing accusations of raping a white woman.
This story frightens and fascinates from the first page, highlighting racial prejudice and the results of an untrue accusation. If non-fiction is your preferred genre, this book will take you through a series of interesting accounts about the crime and the legal system.

3. The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay

At first, you might underplay this book by Michael Chabon. A few pages in and you will appreciate the mystery and genius revelation easily identifiable from the writing.
This book covers the story of two cousins and their creation of a superhero. You will find engaging tales of romance, failure and humor. Set in a time of political uncertainty and feeds the curiosity and need of having a hero.
Comic and magic might not mix well all the time, but in this case, you have an outstanding book meant to keep you awake for hours.

4. March

Geraldine Brooks has come up with interesting books, and March is no different. Her consistency and literary awareness are remarkable. In March, you get a dose of her excellence through the story of a lovable character, who plays a role in the Union movement during the civil war in America.
It is a beautiful story that concentrates on the effect of the war on his life and marriage. Set around one of the deadliest periods in America, the author is capable of tackling tough ideologies calmly.
You get a chance to experience love, war and bravery. This is a love story that prevails in the most tragic situations, like in this book. It’s not about war as the plot, but the life of different people trying to make sense out of everything.

5. The Emperor Of All Maladies

This biography focuses on cancer and the presumptions people make. It is written by Siddhartha Mukherjee.  It highlights the discoveries and efforts to find treatment for cancer. With many people having conflicting information concerning the disease, this book might help bring a better perspective on the issue.
The writer uses the experience of a patient to draft a story of perseverance and despair. Mukherjee describes the experience of seeing patients suffer through countless stages of treatment due to a lack of awareness of better methods.
The stories you will come across in this book are inspiring. You will appreciate the amazing lifesaving discoveries we have now.

6. Black Flags

Joby Warrick writes a compelling dramatic narrative that will have you at the edge of your seat. You will find it hard to put this book down. The writer provides insight into the factors that led to the formation of ISIS.
Terrorism is more than a problem for one state. It affects everyone regardless of your nationality. The author dissects the architecture of ISIS from its roots in the Jordanian prison to Iraq. It is a captivating story that will take you through a journey of brutality and failed leadership.

7. Malcolm X

Manning Marable writes this epic work of literature detailing the life of Malcolm. Most famous characters, be it politicians or actors are viewed to be flawless, making it hard for people to relate to them.
That is not the case with Malcolm. Under the bravery and determination was a man trying to figure out life. By reading this biography, you get a new perspective of his character, intelligence and loyalty.

8. The Color Purple

Alice Walker creates a life story of Black Women in American. It covers acts of poverty and violence. The writer manages to come up with a rare gem that stirred controversies due to make her choice of language.
That does not stop the book from being interesting. The characters go through a series of problems that make their resilience and intelligence shine through. Set in the 1930s when racism and sexism were prevalent issues.
The focus is on two sisters who communicate their struggles through letters. Each goes through events of brutality, alienation and disappointment. It’s a heartbreaking narrative yet creates hope in dreadful situations.

9. Middlesex

Jeffrey Eugenides highlights the life of an American trying to find his sexual identity. Born with two-set genitals, the narrator goes through events that end up with the changeover to a man. He starts going under the name of “Cal”.
There is nothing ordinary about Middlesex. It is a blend of rich humor and perfect storytelling. The life of Cal before and after the transition is unpredictable.

10. The Goldfinch

This is the breathtaking story of a boy and the dark themes surrounding his life. Donna Tart, the author, finds a way of highlighting abuse, sex, and death in a thrilling narration. It has a balance of perfect literary skills and stimulating, yet provoking thoughts.
The character development is superb. Each chapter presents a look at the life of Theo, the main character. You will get to learn about his struggles and intrinsic details that describe his personality.


From the list, you can find a couple of books to enjoy. These are the classic stories that talk about humanity, prejudice, humor, and self-discovery. Each novel on this list will serve as a great opportunity to change your life and broaden your horizons.


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