Kundali Bhagya And Other Ekta Kapoor Shows I Loved

I grew up watching famous TV shows such as “Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” by Ekta Kapoor. Since then, I love watching Hindi drama TV shows, and I guess most of us will agree that this show was a true sensation of that time. You can hardly find a person who doesn’t know about this TV series. We Indians without a doubt love watching Drama shows. Isn’t it?
Indian TV shows have evolved over the time since the era of “Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and so has the taste of the Indian audience. Due to which, the variety of TV shows available to us continues to evolve with the passing years.

TV Shows Over The Years

I have seen many shows over the years and have loved them, especially those by Ekta Kapoor. Here’s are some of my all-time favourite shows.
  • Kasamh Se (Jan 2006- March 2009) - It was an Indian soap opera that revolved around the story of three sisters – Bani, Pia and Rano who go to Mumbai after their father’s death to live in their father’s friend Jai Walia’s house and the story develops from there. This show was a huge success.
  • Pavitra Rishta (2009-2014) - It was a story of a couple who gets married and eventually enters a troubled marriage and start living separately. This TV show continues to remain so popular that it was re-aired on ZEE TV from September 2018 on popular demand.
  • Kumkum Bhagya - The show premiered on April 2014 and has Sriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia in lead roles. This TV show got so popular that a spin-off series was produced titled Kundali Bhagya in 2017 which portrays the life story and struggle of Preeta and Sristhi who are the long-lost sisters of Pragya (Sriti Jha).

Kundali Bhagya – My Current Favourite

Kundali Bhagya show

It’s time to talk about my current favourite show, “Kundali Bhagya” which is a Hindi Drama show which revolves around Preeta and Shrishti, the two sisters of Pragya (from Kumkum Bhagya). The story takes a major twist when these two sisters get to know about their elder sister Pragya ("Sriti Jha" from Kumkum Bhagya) from their dying father (Veteran actor Vijay Kashyap). They also learn about the existence of their mother. Now, these two sisters are trying to reunite their mother and sister. On the revelation of this secret, both the sisters reach Mumbai and meet Pragya and her family. It was really intriguing to know about the reasons and mistakes of Vijay Kashyap that separated his family to this extent.
Frankly speaking, the Indian audience loves some good twists and turns in their TV shows, and all these TV shows including Kundali Bhagya has a lot of these. Ekta Kapoor knows what her audience expects from her TV serials, and she always comes out with something new and interesting that engages her audience.
After all, the audience gives their precious time to watch a TV series, so it needs to cater to their demands and should meet their expectations. Kundali Bhagya, not only meets our expectations but also surpasses them. That’s why, without a doubt, it is a must watch TV series.
If you wish to catch up with the show, Kundali Bhagya is currently airing on Zee TV and Zee TV HD. If you wish to binge watch it online, the show is available on ZEE5 too.