I Got My Dress Really Quick

About a week ago I got a call from my seamstress. She was asking me to come into her shop for the fifth time now as she has to make some adjustments for my dress. I had to admit this was starting to irritate me since I did not ask for any alterations. I went to the shop and saw the dress was barely done and I think she would not be able to finish this one time. So I decided to cancel my dress with her and went on looking for homecoming dresses online.

I heard from my friends that they have ordered their dress from https://www.bridesire.se so I checked out this website immediately. The dresses designed by Bridesire for homecoming parties were all beautiful that I can’t decide which one I should pick. So in order to avoid further delay, I have focused my choices on these 3 dresses:

blue homecoming dress online

I love this blue dress because of the strapless cut and the floral ribbon design that acts like a belt to create an illusion of wearing 2 outfits of the same color. It’s simple and yet very elegant homecoming dress. 

Red homecoming dress online

This red also caught my eye because of the minimalist design and the ‘X’ strap at the back. Red is the color of love and I will surely look lovely on this as well.

Green homecoming dress online

They say that green is the color of the year so this green dress will also be included in my list. I like the intricate embroidery on the upper area which complement the overall simplistic look.

I’ve made my decision and chose to wear the red dress and I was surprised how I got my homecoming dress real quick! Thanks Bridesire!