Innovative Beauty Supplies That All The Top Salons Need

If a salon wants to offer superior beauty enhancements to their customers, they will need to have superior supplies to make those tasks possible. Even when technicians and stylists are heavily-trained and certified to perform services, a substandard or cheaply-made product could still make for negative results. If salons want satisfied customers to leave their front doors, they need to invest in the best supplies in the business.

A company that can provide excellent products for high-end services is LashForever Canada—they are known for their cutting-edge training courses for beauty industry professionals and their first-rate supplies. They have an extensive range of product collections for lash, brow and face treatments—this is where to get professional grade makeup, high-quality equipment and safety materials for your salon.

Innovative Beauty Supplies That All The Top Salons Need

1.      Lash Extensions
Long and thick lashes have been considered a beauty staple for ages, which is why this treatment is perfect for anyone with naturally short, fine or sparse eyelashes. Instead of using copious amounts of mascara or gluing on a set of false lashes for the day, eyelash extensions can give a customer the luxurious lashes that they want for weeks at a time. A salon should have multiple sets of extensions available so that customers can get their preferred curl, length and style.

2.      Microblading Supplies
This procedure has been growing in popularity because it is seen as a convenient long-term alternative to colouring brows with makeup pencils, powders and gels. The technique involves tattooing fine lines that simulate hair to fill in gaps or make a defined shape—some salons refer to it as brow microblading, brow embroidery, brow feathering and microstroking. The form of semi-permanent makeup is ideal for any customer with naturally fine, fair, thin or sparse brows. It is also helpful for customers who currently have medical problems that cause hair loss or that make it difficult to grow hair like alopecia and hypothyroidism.

Supplies that are necessary to do brow microblading appointments:

·         Permanent and semi-permanent brow pigments
·         Brow powders and pastes
·         Embroidery brow blades
·         Brow adhesive

Innovative Beauty Supplies That All The Top Salons Need

3.      After-CareSupplies
Proper after-care is an essential step in every single treatment, especially if it’s as invasive as semi-permanent makeup. Beauty professionals and technicians need to clearly inform their clients about how they can make sure that they don’t ruin their procedure or waste their money with irresponsible actions—more importantly, this information should prevent the customer from getting an infection. Salons can ensure that customers get the necessary post-treatment facts that they need by handing out instructional after-care postcards—this is wiser than reciting the steps to a customer, who can easily misunderstand or forget instructions. 

Types of after-care instructional postcards that salons could use:

·         Microblading after-care
·         Lash extension after-care
·         Brow pigmentation after-care

If you want your salon to succeed you will need to have the best supplies on hand for your beauty enhancements and services. When you use high-quality materials for your treatments, your customers will go home satisfied with their salon experience and come back for another appointment in the near-future.

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