Giving Your Junior Bridesmaid Her Moment in the Spotlight

Is there a special young lady in your life that you want to include in your wedding? Children bring fun and humor to the event and including them makes them feel they are part of the big picture. This is a great way to blend a family that has children that are a bit too old to be the flower girl but a bit too young to be a bridesmaid.  
Bridesmaid Dresses

A junior bridesmaid is old enough to be of help. She usually takes the position very seriously taking great pains to perform her duties.

In every event that is age appropriate, the junior bridesmaid should be included. She can go on shopping trips and help select colors and fabrics. She will love getting a manicure and facial just like the other ladies in the group.
Junior bridesmaid dress
The junior bridesmaid dress should be a mini version of the bridesmaid dresses. You will alter it enough to make it age-appropriate. You will not put a 9-year-old in a strapless dress. If the bridesmaids are strapless, add spaghetti straps to the junior dress.
A tea length dress may be easier for a child to handle on a long day instead of a floor length gown.
Many junior bridesmaids are given the honor or performing at the reception. A great dance performance at the reception is always a big hit. Since it is at the reception, you can let her choose the dance of her choice and she can work with your DJ for the perfect music.
Make it extra-special with a great dance outfit. Just For Kix has a fantastic online selection. Your special little lady will be the star of the show and she will have her moment in the spotlight which will make the day your family blended, more special for her.  
Other options are reciting poetry, performing a cheerleading cheer, or singing a special song to the bride and groom.

Other things your junior bridesmaid can be included in
Here is a list of things you can assign your junior bridesmaid that she can handle beautifully and she will feel like a valued member of the group.
  • Making wedding favors
  • Attending the guest book
  • Helping attendants seat guests
  • Passing out programs
  • Passing out bubbles, rice, or confetti after the ceremony
  • Greeting guests in the reception line
  • As a special treat, provide your junior bridesmaid with a few disposable cameras and assign them to take photos throughout the reception. They will have a great time, and you may be surprised at some of the fantastic and unexpected pictures you will get. You can gift her with a photo album where she can make her own wedding album for a keepsake.  
Alternating roles
If your junior bridesmaid is your daughter or soon to be step-daughter, you may want to have her serve as a junior bridesmaid to honor her, but you may also want her to be part of the vow exchange. This is a part of many weddings where families are being blended. The parents write vows to the children to love and protect them. The parents can help the children in writing vows to the new members of the family.
When a junior bridesmaid or a junior groomsman is being included in the vow exchange, it is customary for them to walk down the aisle with the bride or approach with the groom.

Including children in the wedding that have a special place in your heart is endearing and it helps get your union off to a great start.


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