Paintings By Indian Artist Saaib Raza

Saaib Raza is an artist based in New Delhi, India... Growing negativity in humanity is the main concept in his paintings. 

Saaib Raza Says - "I am an Indian conceptual artist whose works usually depicts negativity in will find some philosophical ideas in my paintings as I am a philosophical poet also. I usually find this world sinking into darkness because the structure of  humanity is completely changed because of growing negativity in our world,sometimes I found a strange scream inside me ..the reason of the  scream is too vast to explain with my poetry, that is the moment When I find nothing except a huge flood of imaginations in my mind..then I started picking up the colours and brush to paint those imaginations ...

The major element in my paintings is a crow which symbolises negativity or evil..I usually paint human figures in destructive form or complete cracked ,it symbolises destruction of humanity in the world....something about about my past -basically i was not aware of fine arts when I was in school but I used to make drawings and paintings.. My aim was to be an engineer because I was studying in science side.. My father was the first art teacher  who taught me how to draw a bird when I was 2 year old kid ..I couldn't learn even how to speak proper but I could draw properly with crayons and pencils...
Remember that I started drawing  realistic human portraits at the age of five. That time no one knew in my family that I have a great passion for paintings because i used to paint secretly in spite of studying my school books..finally these secrets exposed in front of my father when I completed  my education of school. 

One day he called me upon on terrace and asked me to make a sketch nearby mosque and said I will see it in the evening when I return from my duty .he returned and asked me to show the sketch ..finally I came out of my room with my sketch, He was amazed after seeing the complete view from terrace with mosque in sketch and told me that he didn't expect this. The next day he discussed about it with my uncle who suggested my father to forget about my engineering and make me persuade fine arts. After this incident I got admission in fine arts "Jamia millia islamia New Delhi " from where completed my study for  BFA and MFA(painting)."