Arsen Kurbanov | Russian Realist Portrait Painter | 1969

This time I am going to share art works and paintings by Arsen Kurbanov who is a Russian Portrait painter and was born in 1969 in Mahachkala, Dagestan. I really loved his art works and what I found most amazing part of his art works is the way he uses the colors, especially the shades which he uses in his paintings

His paintings are an excellent depiction of the mastery of art. Arsen in the year 1988 completed coursework at the Jamal Dagetan Art College and received a red diploma which is a symbol of scholastic excellence. Arsen Kurbanov was at first instance got accepted into the Repin Institute in St. Petersburg, where he started studying with the late Neprintsov and got graduatied in 1994. Arsen is the kind of artist who strives to create a mix of the technique of old masters such as Pieter de Hooch and Vermeer. These two are his favourites. There are many historical and biblical references in Arsen’s art works which he uses alongside modern elements in his paintings, which often creates a magical atmosphere and mysterious aura as well. Portraiture is his main strength which always have a prominent position in his art works. His art works resembles that of photography and one might confuse these works with photography which makes it clear that this artist is hugely talented and a skillful one who inspires us with his art mastery. Check some of his paintings:


  1. these are so realistic its amazing!

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