November 20, 2016

Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-1941) - Most Expensive Indian Woman painter

Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-1941)

Amrita Sher-Gil is considered to be one of the most expensive woman painter of India. She is sometimes known to be as India’s Frida Kahlo. She was born to a Hungarian mother and Punjabi Sikh father. She lived a very short life (1913-1941) and died at a very young age of 28.
This Indian artist was very much influenced by artists like Paul Cezanne and Paul Gauguin. She also influenced well-known contemporary artist such as Sayed Haider Raza, Anjolie Ela Menon and Arpita Singh etc. 
Amrita Sher-Gil was a great artist that belonged to Bengal School of art that had many well-known names such as Rabindranath Tagore and Jamini Roy etc. Amrita also experimented with miniature paintings and Pahari school of painting. 

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