Fabulous Wall Arts Ideas For Modern Home Decor

Fabulous Wall Arts Ideas For Modern Home Decor

Thinking to revamp your home? Great! then start with your walls, they are the canvas of your ideas where you can spill your creativity that reflects your personality in the best possible way. So get started with unique wall arts that are forever in trend and bound to beautify your walls. When it comes to wall arts you have a plethora of options to pick from decorating your walls with wall decals, paintings to photo frames, metal arts. As contemporary is the trend you can go with loud, vibrant wall arts for your living room and subtle, classy wall arts for your bedroom. Moreover, you can even dedicate one wall with photo frames of your loved ones and shine your wall with memories. We have got you various wall arts that you can decorate your home and bring a modern look to your home.

1) Mirrors:

Fabulous Wall Arts Ideas For Modern Home Decor

Bring a contemporary look to your home with decorative mirrors. Pick decorative mirrors with elegant wooden or metal work that would add a dash of a rich look on your wall. For those who want to give a vibrant touch to their bedroom walls can opt for painting frame mirrors, colorful beaded mirrors. Also, oval shape mirrors with glossy metal frame give a contemporary look ideal for living space.

2) Wall Decals:

Wall decals have become the it thing of the year and a perfect way to express your thoughts on your walls. So, give a makeover to your walls with different types of wall decals from multicolor wall stickers to 3D wall stickers which can make your walls can look lively. The best thing about wall decals is that you wouldn't have to drill the walls and yet enhance the look of your walls effortlessly. We recommend the lively trees, birds, fancy quotes wall stickers that are in trend and look fascinating.

3) Tapestries:

Do you have an eye and heart for art? Then give a feast for your eyes and love to your walls with contemporary tapestries that are big time favorite of every art lover. They come as painting or printed on fabric and bring a warmth to the wall, the intricate details of the Chinese, Indian, African tapestries will create a mesmerizing effect on your wall, whereas the abstract and unconventional tapestries will bring a whole new dimension to your walls. Decorate the long walls of your living room and your guests would surely appreciate your creative decor.

4) Paintings:
wall painting

Another perfect way to add elegance to your walls is paintings. In fact, every home should decorate the walls with unique paintings. Some of the popular paintings that would amp your walls are still life painting, landscape, abstract, folk art, whereas for your bedroom you can choose botanical painting, figurative paintings and add a soft touch to your walls.

5) Metal arts:

A modern home must add a splash of metal arts that are bound to make the walls look classy and regal. Go for 3d metal art that will shine your walls bright, however for your dining space you can decorate the walls with food quotes, coffee mug, wall arts and bring a new look to your dining space.

6) Photo Frames:
Add memories to your walls with favorite photos of you and your loved ones. Family tree photos are quite popular, so you can either opt for them or add timelines of your memories from childhood till adult. Choose collage frames, wooden frames or metal frames and go nostalgic whenever you see the wall.

7) Epoxy Resin Wall Arts:

Epoxy resin is usually used in manufacturing paints that can be a primer or coating. This liquid adhesive provides a clear and shiny appearance once it dries up. There are various types of epoxy resin, and this project focuses on using one suitable for do-it-yourself or craft projects. Moreover, the good characteristics of epoxy resins include superior strength, stain resistance and low maintenance.

It’s good to know what to use epoxy resin for to create a fabulous wall art decor. Creating epoxy resin wall arts is relatively simple, which involves pouring the epoxy resin and hardener mixture onto any surface or material, such as metal, stone, paper, concrete and canvas. 

In addition, you can combine different pigments for your art wall paint projects. Glitters, beads and fresh and dried flowers are also the most common materials you can combine to create epoxy wall art. Use gloves and keep acetone or vinegar ready (used to remove epoxy resin on the skin) to ensure safe and proper epoxy resin use for your wall art projects.


Make your home look more modern and stunning by incorporating fabulous wall arts, as you’ve learned above. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different art materials, like metal and epoxy resin. Use your creative imagination and skills to come up with your own unique wall decor ideas.


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