Isidore Pils - French Painter (1813-1875)

Isidor Pils was born in Paris and was a French painter. He studied with painter like Guillaume Guillon-Lethiere for nearly four-five years and later done his studies under the guidance of Francois-Edouard Picot.

Isidore Pils - French Painter (1813-1875)
Rouget de L’lsle singing La Marseillaise, 1849 - this was one of the most famous paintings of Isidore Pils
At the beginning the themes of his paintings included religious affairs but later he got some travelling experience with French troops so he started working on nationalistic and military subjects.

His students included:
  • Adrien Moreau
  • Julien Dupre
  • Paul Adolphe Rajon
  • Edouard Joseph Danton
  • Luc-Olivier Merson
  • Ludovic Piette etc

Isidore Pils - French Painter (1813-1875)


  1. So amazing...people back then used to be so knowledgeable.