Apr 19, 2016

Henri Lehmann: German Born French Painter (14 April 1814 – 30 Mar 1882)

Heinrich Salem Lehmann was born in Kiel in the Duchy of Holstein where he learnt art from his father Leo Lehmann and from other painters. He exhibited for the first time at the Salon in 1835 and received a second-class medal there.
The artist later got settled in Paris permanently in 1842 and became a very famous French Artist. He was also very much interested in painting the portraits of very famous personalities such as Victor Cousin, Charles Gounod, Stendhal etc and many other personalities.

His brother was Rodolf Lehmann who was also a very well known and renowned portrait artist.

His Pupils include:

His Works:

Lehmann was sometimes considered dry and academic but he was mainly a portrait painter and worked on genre, religious, literary and religious works. He also made some murals.

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