Colour With Asian Paints ‘Folk In Vogue’

India is a land of many art forms and rich cultural heritage, Indian folk art is as diverse as the Indian culture itself. Different kinds of indigenous styles of folk art which are available here deserve special mention. The most famous types of Indian folk art include different ancient Indian art forms like Kalamkari, Madhubani, Gond and so on.

Indian folk art is a visual treat and is very fetching as it employs natural and vibrant colours and usually deals with the pictorial depictions of famous Hindu deities like Durga, Rama, Shiva, Krishna and Lakshmi.


The folk painting of Bihar, also known as Maithaili, Godhna and Chaitra figure painting is called Madhubani painting. The characters in these paintings are developed on various geometrical designs with colourful environment and big soulful eyes. These paintings depict stories from the mythologies with their favourite subject being Lord Krishna.


This art form got its name from the fine pen made of bamboo called ‘kalam’. Under this art form, the artists use kalam dipped in vegetable dyes to draw. This art of painting was developed in Masulipatnam near Hyderabad and Kalahasti near Chennai. Drawings under this art form are made up of intricate designs and fine lines.


Developed by Gonds of central India, Gond art is a form of tribal art. Under this art form, Gond artists depict social customs and nature with a series of dashes and dots that are intricately arranged into forms. Gond art has been inspired by forests, hills and streams in which the Gonds live. These paintings are made on floors, walls and ceilings of village houses in the honour of festivals and customs.  

In an endeavour to revive Indian folk art and to bring the skill and creations of talented Indian crafts persons and artists from remote villages to urban homes and modern lifestyle spaces for its customers, Colour With Asian Paints unveiled its theme based inspiration called ‘Folk In Vogue’.
‘Folk In Vogue’ is a collection of wall and decor designs inspired by India’s rich cultural heritage and traditional Indian art forms. The selected art forms for the wall murals include Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh,   Pattachitra from Orissa and Gond art from Madhya Pradesh. Accent pieces of furniture created in Madhubani art from Bihar and Warli art from Maharashtra are also included in the collection. 

Here the basic idea behind the collection is to accommodate these art forms in modern lifestyles and living spaces in such a way that they do not lose their original charm and intricacy. Customers inspired by ‘Folk In Vogue’ can enliven every nook and corner of their house by bringing home designs and colours of traditional India. This initiative offers them an opportunity to do something intricate and different in their homes, they can also have these designs painted on their walls as well as furniture.

Not only this, Colours With Asian Paints had organised an event called REVISIT on 30th March, 2016 where they invited 20 phenomenal women and celebrated the unparalleled relationship between these strong women and Indian traditional art. Check out what these phenomenal women have to say about ‘Folk In Vogue’.  

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