Colour With Asian Paints Presents REVISIT(Indian Folk Art Revival)

Hello guys!! If you are looking for a makeover for your house or just generally wonder about the good things in life, then this post will definitely interest you. Asian Paints have their signature stores across the country and Delhi is one of them. The store is called 'Colour with Asian Paints' and is situated in the mid of Connaught Place. 

These stores are unique; they play with colors and make the impossible, possible. Asian Paints’ Delhi Store offers you different facilities. They start with a brief about colors, how one can experiment and add charm to their space. You will meet a team of experts who will guide you, let your imagination run wild and bring it to your own wall. They have a special technique through which one can easily visualize how their wall or room will look like after the entire renovation. For this, they have created a 3D environment which brings a virtual tour to you, for better creative decisions for your home. Asian paints’ Delhi store has also created a separate kids section, where your kids can get comfortable and creative as you search for the perfect new addition for their room. You will not only see the magic of colors but you will feel and experience it by a simple touch. They range of patterns varied from royal, to modern, to traditional- you name it, they have it. This time they have come up with a new, inspired look. And the inspiration will not only fill your heart with emotions but will give you the feeling of being united and fulfilled.

Asian Paints has started a new, theme based inspiration. They call it ‘Folk In Vogue'.  Folk In Vogue is a collection of wall and d├ęcor designs which are inspired by traditional India. They give us a glimpse of Indian culture and art, but at the same time focus on the modernity of all that we have imbibed with time. For this, Asian Paints is bringing talented Indian artists and craftsmen into the limelight. India has a great diversity in tradition and culture and this concept brings out the best of it.

They have selected Gond art from Madhya Pradesh known for its vibrant hues and textures, Pattachitra from Orissa known for its sophistication, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh known for their natural dyes.

The collection also includes some remarkable Madhubani Art from Bihar and Warli Art from Maharashtra. After evaluating different art forms, Asian Paints have selected the best which they felt could connect with people easily and instantly. They have a customization option through which you can play with your own favorite colors, patterns, memories and get them to your personal space.  In short, Asian Paints have come up with an innovative and brilliant idea of incorporating traditional art with modern day requirements and lifestyle.

Asian Paints will be organizing an event “REVISIT” to promote their theme based inspiration Folk In Vogue. This event is celebrating 20 phenomenal women, their roots and their strength of change. This event revolves around Indian Folk Art Revival and will be held on 30th March, 2016.