Lovely Art Works By Joey Richardson

Artist Statement
Professionally I feel very fortunate to be a female in what is essentially a man’s world of wood turning. My style incorporates both the more feminine - the delicate and beautiful - and the more masculine - the big and bold. Combined, these two aspects fully encapsulate and make the most striking use of wood’s tactile beauty.

All my pieces are created with passion, and each has its own history and heart. Whenever possible I use reclaimed local timber. Each piece is individually hand-crafted on a lathe, with the cutting, shaping and sanding all controlled by eye, which gives great originality. Extra diversity is added by my use of piercing, carving, colour and art work.

I feel excited and fulfilled as each unique piece of turned wood comes alive under my hands, each telling its own story, each allowing the viewer to see into the life of the piece.

Trees are a truly beautiful vital resource, and wood art allows nature’s designs to live on in our homes. Wood-turning uses skills that began in the mists of antiquity, as a base for producing essential utility items. When these skills are taken beyond their utilitarian roots with creativity and imagination, and are allied with experiences and a passion from deep within the inner soul, the result transcends craft and rises into the realms of art.

For too long wood has played a supportive role to art in the form of canvas, paper and frames. Let wood now speak for itself.