Select Your Art Career And College Precisely

Hi all art lovers! Hope you all are enjoying your day and time. Well! I love discussing about art, its learning and forms. Since my childhood I have had a great inclination towards arts, though I am nor a fine arts graduate neither I have had any formal education in fine arts but my passion and love for fine arts never faded, it even got enhanced with time and this fine art blog is a part of my love for fine arts and other art forms.

I still feel that if I have got a good guidance in my childhood regarding art colleges in India such as best art colleges in Delhi, Best art colleges in Maharashtra then I would have taken a good formal education in fine arts and other art forms but lack of knowledge, guidance and proper help regarding best art colleges made me to change my decision and I went for a commerce degree.

But nevertheless it’s never too late and especially today we have so much of knowledge around us and my special thanks goes to internet that have helped me to pursue my love for arts. I have been studying news about art events, artists news and art galleries updates such as Art galleries in Maharashtra, Art galleries in Tamil Nadu and updating them on my art blog and publishing artists works as well which is a great relief for an artist inside me.

I earlier used to think that studying arts and knowing about artists, art galleries, art styles of India is not mandatory to be a good artist but very recently I have realized that importance of studying arts from India cannot be ignored, I mean if you opt for a good art college from Indian then you learn a lot as art college, its culture, its faculty plays a tremendous role in shaping an artist in you.
Studying art forms from India will let you know all the basics of Indian temporal art forms that ranges from Rock art to Gupta Art, material history of Indian art, contextual history of Indian art and Art museums of India etc.

So friends! I would say that if you love arts and want to pursue career in arts then do a lot of search especially over the internet and also ask your knowledgeable friends regarding their review of art colleges from where they have graduated and choose the best art college for yourself.

Who knows that you could be the next “Picasso” or “M F Hussian” :)

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