Paintings By Januskevicius Remigijus

''I was born on the fifteenth of May in 1976, in Jonava, Lithuania. I still live and work here. My creative path started in the early childhood. I attended The School of Arts for Children and after graduating Secondary school I entered Vilnius Academy of Arts where I graduated Department of Painting. 
I organised three personal exhibitions and was invited to take part in several exhibitions of Lithuanian and foreign artists. I also participated in different projects and plenaries of arts. Nature, the life of human, old farms provides the inspiration for the painting. The main theme of my works is the joy and satisfaction of life that is important not only in aesthetic but in therapy function as well. It is also important to show the other side of my works, which tells about significance and soulfulness of life, about the generous aims of human, desire to change you about dreams and perpetual tenor of life aspiring to personal happiness. The plentiful idyll of acting characters emphasizes their importance and necessity. Scrupulous and magnificent clothes tell us about their festive mood when they work, play and love or have a good time. ''

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