Paintings and Interview By Nigerian Artist "Bolaji Michael"

My name is Bolaji Michael. I was born and raised in Nigeria.
Drawing has became part of me since I was around 9 or 10 and when I was 17, I  

decided to give painting a try which brought something good out of me till now.

Interview With "Fine Art And You"

1)      From where did you get inspiration for paintings and art?

-I got inspired by a painter's interview, I watched on tv. His works
were nice and lovely and seeing them that day gives me courage to give
painting a try.  I had to have  six months training for abstract then
2)       What according to you is the current state of fine arts all around the world?

-To me fine art is really growing around the world  and I wish to be
part of it. I wish to paint something that will have impact on people.

3)      Kindly share some words and tips for upcoming artists.

 -My advice for upcoming artists is that they should stick to their
dream and to not let anybody take them out of it.