Gorgeous Paintings And Interview By "Marchini Pierre Paul"

Pierre Paul MARCHINI 

In his paintings where matter vies purity pigments, Pierre Paul Marchini us
offers his vision of Corsica. By vigorous solids, it restores all the intense brightness
the Island of Beauty, mineral strength of this jewel of the Mediterranean, land of contrasts and

It includes turn by turn expressed flamboyance purposes hot summer days when
the horizon glows an intense fire, incredible palette of blue sky, the overwhelming
summer wetness as an invitation to relax, the soothing coolness of the mountains
Corsican the distant peaks and pristine, the permanent confrontation between sea and land,
sometimes disheveled waves crashing in a crash into jagged coves or caresses
languishing on a sand rustles his pleasure.
Pierre Paul Marchini said his love of Corsica and invites us to travel.

Interview with “Fine Art And You”

1) From where did you get inspiration for paintings and art?
My inspiration is natural, she comes by soul. The Corsican colors and lights are wonderful and it's my country.

2) What according to you is the current state of fine arts all around the world?
My creations represent the universal language enter the people in the world. I try to communicate with my art a feel of liberty, that's my mission.

3) Kindly share some words and tips for upcoming artists.

For the new or future artists I say they have to be original and be yourself.