Black And White Photography Works and Exclusive Interview For 'Fine Art And You' By Tammy Ruggles

Fine art photography was something I always wanted to do but couldn't, given my blinding disease known as RP. I couldn't see in a darkroom due to night blindness, nor read the settings on a camera to shoot manually. I resigned myself to taking family snapshots with disposable cameras, and concentrated on other artistic pursuits.

But a point-and-shoot digital camera set on auto, a 47-inch computer monitor, and a bit of courage changed all of that in 2013.

Since then I've been fortunate to have my photos published in literary journals, art magazines, and photography publications around the world. 

Although I love color, I prefer black and white because I see best in high contrast. I'm not completely blind. I do have some remaining vision, and this is what I use to practice photography.

Photography allows me to continue being the artist I've been since the age of 12, and it helps me stay connected to a visual world that is deteriorating as time goes by. 

I'm also a writer and finger painter, but photography is literally an impossible dream come true thanks to today's technology, and I want to enjoy it while my vision holds out.

Exclusive Interview with "Fine Art And You"

1) From where did you get inspiration for paintings and art?

I've been an artist of some form or other since about the age of 12. A lot of my art is inspired by nature, memories, and feelings I have about growing up in rural Kentucky.

2) What according to you is the current state of fine arts all around the world?

I wish I had something more meaningful or insightful to say about it, given I only have 2 years of being involved in it, but in my basic opinion, I'd say that the internet has opened up more opportunities to display and promote fine art than ever before, but on the other hand, the old adage may hold true: The value of art is what someone is willing to pay for it, and it's still about defining value in the art you make or purchase.

3) Kindly share some words and tips for upcoming artists.

The first thing that comes to mind is study the masters without copying. Be your own artist, find your own style, and be your own best friend when it comes to showing your art to the world. Don't be afraid to take a risk, and do what comes naturally to you.


  1. The horse photo is fantastic!