Beautiful Fine Art Works By Indian Artist " Supriy Sharma "

Freelancer artist
received an award in the 51st State award by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy- 2010
Received an award in the 27th Student award by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy.

National art fellowship by Bhoruka Charitable Trust- 2010-11 (march 2010 to sep. 2011)
State art scholarship by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy-2009
National art camp by lalit kala akademi delhi in lucknow at regional art center 2015.
National art camp in jaipur organized by kalaneri art gallery in October 2012.
State art camp in jaipur organized by Rajasthan lalit kala academy in March 2012.
National art camp in shillong organized by lalit kala academy New Delhi in 20 March to 25 March 2012.
National art camp in New Delhi organized by all India fine arts and crafts society 1March to 3 March 2012.
Two man shows-
Two man show in regional art center lucknow February 2014.
Two man show in devlalikar art gallery indore march 2014.
Two man show in bagor ki haweli Udaipur march 2014.
Two man show in jawahar kala Kendra jaipur march 2014.
Group show
Group show in alliance francaise gallery new delhi sponsored by gallery shree arts 2014.
Group show in Jawahar kala Kendra jaipur sponsored by bhoruka charitable trust in March 2012.
Group show in lalit kala academy New Delhi sponsored by ICA art gallery in December 2011
Group show in ICA art gallery sponsored by ICA art gallery in 2011
Group show in Jawahar kala Kendra in 2011
A group exhibition in luck now lalit kala academy, Regional art center 2011
Exhibition at AIFACS, New Delhi- 2009
Exhibition at Jawahar Kala Kendra, jaipur- 2009
Exhibition at SPPACE- 2009

Selected painting in AIFACS Art Gallery for exhibition in painting and drawing category- 2011.
Painting selected in for exhibition for catalogue in Northern
Region Camel Art Foundation -2011.
Selected painting in AIFACS Art Gallery for exhibition- 2010.
Invited by BCT Trust in International Art Camp as a learner- 2010.
Painting selected in for exhibition for catalogue in 10th Northern
Region Camel Art Foundation -2010
27th Annual Art student exhibition by Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy- 2006- 07.
Annual Art exhibition by Rajasthan School of Art- 2004-06.
Kalawart camp by Jawahar Kala Kendra.
CCDU camp organized by BCT in Bundy, Rajasthan- 2006.
13th and 14th Kala mela in Jawahar Kala Kendra.
Selected painting in Camel Art Foundation, New Delhi -2007.

Interview with "Fine Art And You"

1.-From where did you get inspiration for painting and art.
I am an Artist Supriy Sharma from Jaipur Rajasthan. I born and brought up in village nearby Jaipur and I had spent most of my valuable and peacefully time in village. I loved. From childhood I loved peacefully atmosphere and sparkling colours of Rajasthan’s villages and ponds, free space and lovely people. Traditional dresses of women in village, their lifestyle of living and their living bear.
From childhood I loved to draw on surface like on wall, on paper, on patio, on trees surface. I filled up sparkling colours of Rajasthan’s culture in my drawings. It was rooted in my own soul from my birth. Even I handled the senses I saw that during making drawing I was following my rooted culture by symptoms of Rajasthan’s culture. In my form I follow lot of space, lot of sparkling colours, lot of cattle whose I see in my life every day, lot of trees with sparkling colours, lot of birds who has got free sky to fly in group without pollution, lot of parachutes, villagers chunri and most important farms I draw by the help of draw Cherian on canvas.
I am inspire by my rooted culture in me, I inspire by my view of my soul that what I see what I observe what I feel what I think by the help of my soul and my eye and still I am learning from life. Condolence is rooted in me and it always comes in my form and in my art. Life teaches us that how to live how to react by the expression in art, by the feelings in art and in my paintings. I take my form from everyday life and nature.

2.- What according to you is the current state of fine arts all around the world ?

In today’s art world mostly artist’s only thinks about name and fame and money. If they find that other artist got all of this by their work then they start to follow them and follow their own form and work of style. They don’t follow academic knowledge, they don’t want to practice of art about elements of art, they only want results of only success. They don’t want to see that how real artists got their form and success of life, how they did lot of practice and struggle by their work, how they follow their inner soul for develop their form. In today’s time mostly artists like to get their art by only following others not to follow themselves. Early period artists had their experiences about life and they put it in their art with condolences. Today’s artist trying to assembled art like they see hither thither forms and elements and apply on their surface. Its happening everywhere.
Actually they are not trying to follow their selves they are following others success.
Today art is only commercialization. Everywhere art is a way of earning process that’s y today we are seeing only art investors not art promoters.

3.- Kindly share some words and tips for upcoming artists.

For upcoming artists I could say personally that they should respect their individuality, they should try to follow their personal thoughts about life that how life is going, how its working, how life react at every moment in our life, how nature works in human beings and in animals, how nature reacts every time, how we connect to life, how we live and how we connect to others and be part of others. They think by their own soul and eye. Actually what they are feeling other person can‘t understand and could not feel. Everybody has individual life and feelings and experience. So they should respect it and follow themselves. They should try to be rational. They should try to draw of their personal life. They should try to learn about their own life and try to understand elements of art by practically in life’s experiences and develop their understanding about things of life like how child reacts on any moment, how animals hunt, how birds fly, how living being react, how today’s life is going on, how men are unoccupied everywhere and no living space is for animals. They should try to learn every moment in life.