Paintings and Interview By Slobodan Radosavljevic

 Slobodan Radosavljević was born in Gruža (Kragujevac, Šumadija) on 19th March 1986 and he is currently living and working in Vlasotince. Slobodan has shown great interest in painting and sculpting since early childhood. He graduated from Leskovac Arts High School as a Technician of graphic design and propaganda

and a little more description of the works; 
Slobodan is primarily a painter, he also has a keen interest in photography, filmmaking, graphic design, and sculpting. His main artistic directions are figurative painting. He is also intrigued by psychology and philosophy. In his paintings, Slobodan deals with anatomy, shadows, light in different conditions, but his main focus is on the eyes. They are the window to the soul and reveal one’s inner state of mind. The eye represents the symbol of omniscience and intuitive insight. Slobodan is very interested in the relation between people and nature, the nature’s harmony that is being jeopardized by the man for his own selfish reasons, and the heavy punishment that the nature sends in return. In his paintings, he tries to capture human influence and impact on things, plants, animals, or vice-versa, how much humans depend on the environment, how much they have to adapt in different conditions, human needs, urges, feelings, human race in the future etc. He paints with a lot of emotions, trying to share his realistic or surrealistic vision with the world, and sends a strong message to the beholder.

His interview for "Fine Art And You"

1) From where did you get inspiration for paintings and art?
The inspiration comes spontaneously. I am inspired by nature a lot. I grew up in the countryside surrounded by beautiful scenery, drawing and painting all the time, and that really influenced me and it still does. I also like to explore the relation between people and nature, human urges, fears, feelings, needs… I am also attracted to mysterious ideas and things that are not fully explained.

2) What according to you is the current state of fine arts all around the world?
This is a really complex question and we can debate about it for days.The important thing for artists is to stay true to themselves and what they do, without being bounded by fads and trends, so their art could evolve in the right direction.

3) Kindly share some words and tips for upcoming artists.

I also see myself as a young artist that has yet to create, and learn a lot in the process. As I said, the key is to be true. If you are really motivated, and do it out of love, from the heart, wonderful things will happen. You just have to think freely, outside the box and believe in what you do. I guess that’s the recipe for everything in life.