Paintings By Kelly Thompson

In a recent exchange with Kelly Thompson, the New Zealand born Wellington based Illustrator/Freelance Photographer describes herself as someone who likes to stay within the walls of her own creativity, without distraction. 2009 has already seen Kelly selected as one of the five featured artists for Australian Magazine Curvy, collaborating on a recent campaign with womenswear label Mimco and exhibiting numerous shows in New Zealand and Australia.  

‘When I’m working I try not to look at the work of others.. instead I flood my senses between jobs and when I come to do my own thing I put outside influences away and just see what happens.’

It’s interesting watching her work come to life, but she is quick to emphasize the point of completion with her pieces. ‘I find it very interesting when selling the final prints that people ask for the original... I consider it finished only after the Photoshop work has taken place. If I do the first part by hand and then scan it to colour digitally the hand drawn part isn’t the original, just as preliminary sketches for an oil canvas are not the original’