Paintings By Miwa Ishiba

"Miwa Ishiba is titled Children on Planets. Ishiba used to paint animals and plants with the brush stroke like Japanese painting in her early works and have depicted mainly portrait since 2006. Portrait: Haru in 2009 seems to foresee the birth of her own child because it is reminiscent of him even though he was born after the work. 
The artist’s motif is mostly the portrait of child and depicts controlled feelings with delicate brushwork. Her child has just flown to the new world through her works as a model within a radius of three meters.

 The relationship between parents and children exists in the daily life and motherhood. The actual nurturing by mother is different from by father because women, especially in Japan, spend more time with their children than men and have more emotional views. However, Ishiba removes the emotion she might feel to her child from her portraits for showing the innocent the child has.

Miwa Ishiba was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1973. After she dropped out Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design, she started to produce mainly illustrations. Ishiba, however, switched over to her career in a painter because she got attention at “GEISAI #6” in 2006. She has joined the group exhibitions and finally has a solo exhibition at the gallery. "