Paintings By Frank Rosenzweig

"In a time in which human beings suffer from alienation and mechanization through technological progress, while values such as happiness, harmony and understanding seams to disappear, I consider it my mission to paint pictures that my viewers can relate to.
In a time in which real communication is being replaced by constant output by the media and virtual worlds, I explore the depth and richness of each individual. In ?99 Faces of a woman? I show that humankind provides us with an opportunity toward endless realms of discovery. `

Children can teach us about purity, innocence, and offer us the ability to look at life with new eyes. Children create the future, not just because they are the next generation, but because they remind us about what?s essential time and again. In a time in which each individual can lose his courage due to his apparent powerlessness, I deal with aesthetics, focusing attention on the various elements that compose our world in order to encourage people to look closer and explore."

Frank Rosenzweig