January 15, 2015

20 Russian Icon Paintings And History of Russian Fine Arts

20 Russian Icon Paintings And History of Russian Fine Arts

Hi art lovers! I always love coming with new and some different stuff and yes today I have come with something different (for me at least :) ) Well! How many of you would like to travel and visit the whole world and see all the different art forms, fine arts, architecture, culture and tradition? I guess most of you would love it. Same is the case with me :) and I wish one day I can travel the whole world and explore all the art and culture hidden in this beautiful planet called earth.
Composing this fine art blog post is a little step towards the same where I have decided to share a little part of the “History of Russian Fine arts”. Yes! I am talking about “Russian Icon Paintings” which will mesmerize you for sure.

As we all know that Russia has a rich art culture and tradition and we can find various art forms in the country which ranges from onion domes and icons to suprematism and from Stalin baroque to traditional architecture, Russia is a wonderful country composed of various exotic forms of art and culture which makes it one of the most sought after country for visitors from all around the world and is one of the best International Holidays destination. 
Some people may find Russian art and culture a little difficult to understand but friends trust me it’s very  simple to understand Russian Art History which has attracted many art lovers from all around the world and ‘Russian Icon Paintings’ are one of such inspiring forms which can mesmerize and attract art lovers from all around the globe.
So, what is an Icon?
In Russian culture, Icon is a painting which depicts a sacred person and an event which has a religious meaning. Also in Greek “Icon signifies ‘Likeness’ or ‘Image’. The principle behind an icon is that God became visible in Christ and it was the first time where human was able to be depict it. According to a legend the first icon painter was “Apostle Luke”
The root of icon painting of Russia can be found in tomb portraits of ancient Egypt and Icon painting flourished in Russia later and it kept on flourishing even at the time of Peter the Great and since the Icon paintings are gaining worldwide fame.
If we are talking this much about Icon Paintings then why not share 20 beautiful and Inspiring Russian Icon Paintings here. Hope you like these :) here we go:

I am much impressed with these Russian Icon Paintings and wish to visit Russia soon. So Guys pack your bags and book some good Russia tour package so that you don’t miss the exotic beauty, art, culture and architecture of one of the best countries in the world i.e. Russia :).

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