October 12, 2014

Wonderful Portrait Paintings By Cuban Artist Yunior Hurtado

Wonderful Portrait Paintings By Cuban Artist Yunior Hurtado

Today I am going to share wonderful paintings by Cuban artist Yunior Hurtado who is a very famous painter from Cuba. All his paintings are very realistic with strong emotions and expressions. I really like this painter’s works. Let’s see what this painter has to say: 

My canvases evoke an illusion of reality starting from an algorithm containing the movement of 24 frames per second. The intention is not photographic reference, where I conform to a photo's smooth surface, instead the objective is to capture the image's movement and endow it with character, with the volume that oil paintings are capable of offering any image. The focus of my work extends to vast number of variants where the technique fades so the style can show, in this case, a visually pleasing bi-dimensional perspective.

Image Credit: Google

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