June 6, 2014

20 Best Black and White Photography Examples for Your Inspiration

20 Best Black and White Photography Examples for Your Inspiration

Let’s talk about Black and white photography which is abbreviated B&W or B/W. If I talk about myself then I must admit that I am a huge fan of this monochrome form in visual art. 
I always carry my DSLR camera with me and try to learn new aspects of photography every day. This gives me immense satisfaction and helps me in finding out some hidden emotions and talent in me. 

Photography is without a doubt one of the best ways to discover yourself and the beauty around you. Now let’s come back to this black and white photography, I want to add here that this combines black and white color to produce a wonderful range of shades of gray. Its other version is sepia which was earlier used in the development of photography that yielded more subtle and supple shading than plain black and white photography. I have compiled here 21 black and white photographs so that you can get inspired and get to see some detailing of this art form.

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  1. Stunning pics!
    Have a joyful weekend!


  2. I love black and white photography... it's classy and has more depth ♡

    Thank you for your comment on my blog... have a wonderful day ♥

  3. Hi, I absolutely love your blog <3 <3 I've just stumbled upon your blog and am happy about it. Love your work!!!

    It would be soooo fantastic if you could come over and visit my blog too.


    Love from Vienna,
    Mahshid مهشید

  4. nice pics

  5. Black and white photos are one of my favorites.

  6. Great inspirational photos! I'm just getting into photography so I really enjoyed this post :)
    ßerry ♥ Stylish  


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