May 24, 2014

Paintings by Annibale Carracci | Baroque Era painter (1560-1609)

Hi, Fine art lovers! Hope you all are doing well. This time I am sharing beautiful paintings of Annibale Carracci who is a Baroque Era painter (1560-1609), he was one of the most admired painters of his time and was one of vital force that led to the creation and  flourishing of baroque era style. Annibale along with his cousin named Ludovico(1555-1619) and his older brother named Agostino (1557-1602), transformed Italian art a lot. 
He championed the return to nature that is coupled with the study of great northern Italian painters of the Renaissance, especially Titian, Veronese and Correggio.

He not only created nature works but also created new and broken brush stroke works which captured movement and the effects of light and shade. His work “Two Children Teasing a Cat (ca.1590; 1994.142) marked a new chapter in the history of genre painting.


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  3. Another beautiful set of paintings
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