Lovely Surreal Fashion Photography by Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela was born in 1986 in Leeds and completed her BA English and Media at University of Sussex. She has self branded her own workshop-style event which gives emphasis to photorealistic creativity. She is currently working on a fine art series called- ‘Surreal Fashion’ and also on an environment based series named ‘Ecology’ 

She adds:

“Photography is always my ‘living’ whether I am working on personal or commercial work, because it is creating that keeps me feeling alive. I pour my mind into everything I create, and always aim to push the envelope with consistently compelling imagery with the highest production value I can make possible. In my personal work I want to stir people to question, and to think intelligibly of their own accord about the problems, the beauty – and the conflict between them – in the world as we know it.”


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  3. Beautiful and very interesting!:)

  4. Gorgeous share, I believe the photos come from mysterious world, it makes me think of Cosplay costumes just like shown at Anyway, you are great!