Incredible Nakha Chitra-Fingernail Sculpture Art Works by Suhas Tavkar

My name is Suhas Tavkar and I was born in 1942 and raised in Mumbai (Bombay), India, and I was exposed to the art of NakhaChitra - fingernail embossing on paper as a child but started doing NakhaChitra at the age of four.  

Last 34 years I am living in Queens, New York and even today for last 65 years I am creating this NakhaChitra art. "NakhaChitra" (fingernail sculpted art) is one of the world's rarest, ancient, unique and unknown art form (Nakha means fingernail, Chitra means art and Nakhachitrakar means artist in Sanskrit language of the Hindus) humans ever created at the beginning of the human race. Not a single art history book or museum has given any reference to this original art form which is created by humans with their own fingernails (God-given fingernails as a basic tool to write and draw). I invited all of you to visit my website and write your comments. 
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