April 13, 2014

Inspiring Vector Art Works by Jorge Packer

Hi art lovers! Hope all of you must be doing great and also enjoy browsing this fine art blog. It gives me immense pleasure to showcase some of the best art works from all around the world in this pretty amazing blog of my dreams. I always keep on jiggling over the internet to find some of the best paintings and painters to share their art works on my blog and this time I have some amazing vector paintings by artist Jorge Packer.   
Well! You must be aware that vector illustration is one of the very famous art technique which is used by many of the very well known digital illustrators. Catalina Estrada, Nathan Jurevicius, Matthew Inman, Petra Stefankova are some of the very well known vector artist of the world.

So how do we create a vector illustration? There is a vector graphic which is used for creating vector graphics. Images are saved and manipulated or say changed according to need by editing of screen objects with the help of mathematical operations. Have a look at some of the amazing vector tracing works by artist Jorge Packer and enjoy.


  1. So creative and beautiful! Thanks for the visit.

  2. love these works! especially the ones with kids ;)
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

    1. Thats so nice of you dear :) thanks for the visit and comment :)

  3. One word for this post impressive and beautiful. Thanks doll for stopping by.

    1. Most welcome sweetie <3 I too loved your blog :) nice to connect :)


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