Beautiful Body Paintings by Craig Tracy

Hi all! Today I am in a mood to share body art or say body paintings by Craig Tracy. This gives me immense pleasure to share new art and artist at my fine art blog every day. So who is the artist today? As I have already mentioned its Craig Tracy. Now let’s come to the artist biography. Craig was born and raised in New Orleans La. He is an American painter who has always been in love with art and painting. For him his art is a symbol of his creativity, passion and bliss. His parents were Hippie and all their nonconformist principles were instilled firmly in his art works. 

Craig has done his graduation from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. From then he started his passion to paint faces and body. At present Craig Tracy do body painting exclusively and he is also an owner of the very first art gallery which is entirely dedicated to fine art and painting body painted images.

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  1. Amazing they painted a baby this is such a special way to introduce the beauty and importance of mother and child.

    1. Very true Jackie :) love reading your comments <3