20 Funny Re-Imagined Celebrity Paintings You'll Love

The first time I saw these paintings I could not resist laughing! First of all I really wanna salute these very talented fine artists who are so creative and artistic, I don’t know from where these fine artists get these ideas like creating celebrities humorously re-imagined classic paintings and all.   
Let’s imagine what if today’s celebrities went back to classic era of painting. Can you imagine? Isn’t it very funny?  I have compiled these very humorous celebrity paintings from worth1000 website where various artists showcase their art works. I really loved these paintings, hope you will like them too.


  1. everytime I look at your posts I am amazed :) Great how you are into all those interesting pictures.
    Keep up these good posts. love to see them

    So funny to see those celebs turned into famous painting (or other way around actually)

    xx Sandra


    1. Hehe..Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment :) I loved it dear...

  2. :) super de voir les stars d aujourd'hui dans une autre époque ;) cool

  3. Really funny, Some celebs are also fun to talk to, we must try to talk to artists at least with the right vocabulary. You don't want to use phrases or attitudes that they find trivial or ignorant.