Amazing Lion Paintings by Paul Miners For Your Inspiration!

Paul Miners loves to paint since his childhood. He started to paint at the tender age of 5. Since his childhood this amazingly talented painter has been staying with the love of fine arts for over 35 years. When Pual was in the mid 80’s to become an illustrator and sign writer, he started taking life drawing class which he attended.    

He has always loved to draw and paint human side in his art works but still he always had a soft corner for wildlife especially lion’s. He has combined his skills, passion and interest which helped him to create some of his very famous, elegant and unique wildlife art today.

Now he has expanded his art style to digital art too thus making him a versatile artist and painter.


  1. Lindíssimo! Verdadeiramente lindo. É por isso que amo a arte. Parabéns!