Woman Painitngs by Vincent Bakkum | Self Taught Finnish Painter

"I'm in love with the 'object' woman, her graphic qualities. I fall for her outlines, her bone structure, the shadows under nose and lips, the knuckles of long slender fingers, the lightfall on her calves, pitchblack, and cheek brushing eyelashes.   

The beauty of a woman to me is closely connected to the fruit, dead fish and stuffed birds I also enjoy painting; death and decay is another undeniable source of inspiration. Beauty doomed to rot, colours bound to fade.
Although there's no thin line between flourishing and decaying, I still try to catch that moment. I'm desperately trying to save what there's left to save. Life is short and nothing is more transitory than the short season of youth. She is the mirror in which I see myself decaying.