Feb 8, 2014

Mindblowing Hyper-realistic Portrait and Still Life Paintings by Nikolai Shurygin

This time I am going to share beautiful and hyper realistic portrait and still life paintings by Nikolai Shurygin. Yes! These all are paintings. I am sure that all of you must be very surprised to see such an amazing talent in a human. Don’t you think that by having a look at these paintings, it becomes very difficult to dig out a difference between photography, paintings and real life? I am sure that your answer must be yes :).  

Well Nikolai Shurygin is a very talented artist with a unique technique which is used by Russian painters as well as Flemish painters such as Levitsky, Kiprensky and Borovikovsky etc. But what is the unique technique? Answer is simple that in this technique in the every point every layer of paint is clearly visible through the layers above. Have a look at these paintings and you will surely judge out this fact! In this technique every art work takes 4 to 12 months to gets completed and a real incredible realism of a depicted subject takes place with any texture or any subject. Nikolai’s art works have been in many public as well as in private collections. Have a look at these and enjoy.

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