Mind Blowing Sculptures By Jamie Salmon

Jamie Salmon was born in Britain and is a self learned artist. He specializes in both portrait and figurative. Whenever someone sees his works, it becomes very difficult to believe that these art pieces are the creation of a human being and not of god.  
Jamie’s art works are really mind blowing and he is such a hyper realist. He uses various materials such as rubber, resin, fabric, hair and silicon so that all his works look next to real. In fact his works are more real than any natural things. He started to work in movie industry as a commercial artist and later started working on his own. He is internationally acclaimed artist. He adds: "The most important part of the artistic process for me is the initial idea behind the work. If it isn`t as strong as possible, then the lengthy process of sculpting, moulding, painting etc, no matter how well done, will be for nothing and the work will fall flat. I want to make something that tells a story or moves people in some sort of way, not something that just looks very real.” Have a look at Jamie’s art and sculpture; you will love them for sure: