Feb 14, 2014

Historical Paintings By Italian High Renaissance Painter "Bartolomeo Veneto" (1502-1555)

Bartolomeo Veneto was a high Renaissance painter who was born in 1502 in Italy and lived till 1555. He used to work in Venice, Lombardy and the Veneto. There isn’t much known about Bartolomeo Veneto. Most of the whereabouts of this artist has been derived from his inscriptions, signatures and dates.   

While he was in Venice he studied under Gentile Bellini. Most of his art works were seemed to be very influenced from artist Leonardo da Vinci.
Bartolomeo’s earlier works consists of small devotional images and pictures but later he changed his painting style to suit his patrons and there was an increasing interest in the Veneto and Venice. There are near about forty paintings which are claimed to be that of Bartolomeo but only nine of them bear his signature. He loved to draw portraits, which is very much evident from the following shared paintings. Have a look at Bartolomeo’s art works and enjoy.
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