Feb 11, 2014

Egidio Antonaccio | Italian Realist Impressionist Painter | 1954

Egidio Antonaccio was born in 1954 in Italy. He is very well known as a realistic impressionist painter of Italy whose love is paintings and he loves to paint with oil paints as a medium. He has studied with some of the best talented great Italian artist and has developed a unique and different style of painting which shows he is a gifted artist with some amazing rare talent.    

He was born in Castellucio in Italy and later completed his graduation from the Institute of Fine Art in Castrovillaru, Italy in the year 1973. Then in the year 1978, Egidio graduated with an honors degree from the esteemed Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.
He later in 1981 went to the United States and started living and working in North Carolina. Since then he has been remarkably successful as a painter and his paintings and art works have been in collection in many public and private places in The United States and Europe.

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